The process begins with the delivery of refined neutral spirits which are shipped to the various plants in large trailers.The spirits are first stored in giant stainless steel tanks before they are processed into liquor. The liquor is then mixed in huge 5,000 gallon wooden vats fashioned out of guijo, a refined local oak.

     To produce some of the county's best known brandies and whiskies, the liquor is then placed in oak barrels imported form the United States where it is slowly and patiently mellowed. Limtuaco has the largest inventory of aging barrels in the local distilling industry. The aging technique. developed by Julius Limpe, allows for an accelerated process that saves on time while the liquor attains its true physical age quality. This method has been duly patented in South Africa, England, Ireland and the Philippines.

     Before the liquor is bottled, it is purified through several stainless steel filtering machines to ensure clarity and brilliance of the filtrates. The bottling operation is scientific. As liquor is pumped into sterilized bottles in stainless steel assembly lines, the bottles are capped, labeled and sealed in quick succession. Licensed chemists then makes the needed checks on bottles of liquor from the assembly line for clarity, aroma, smoothness and color.

     To produce Limtuaco's well known gin brands, a copper gin pot still, imported from Germany, is used to distill London dry gins in a process that is traditionally English. The distillery also produces London Dry Gin using the pot still process from selected botanicals under license from Duncan Gilbey and Matheson, and Britannia Distillers Ltd. of England. Oak barrels imported from the United States ensure proper aging, that is, the slow patient mellowing of Limtuaco’s products, which are the basis for the largest inventory of aging barrels in the local distilling industry.





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